Three Hamilton College students accused of vandalizing Crystal Springs Golf Course have come forward and owned up to their disrespectful behavior.

The three kids were playing the course on State Route 5 in Vernon, New York when they caused damage to a number of greens and ran over several posts around the course. Golf course owner Tom Snizek said there was even an eyewitness to "these acts of vandalism."

Credit - Crystal Springs
Credit - Crystal Springs

Before the students tore up the course they were dumb enough to use the ATM machine inside the clubhouse. Snizek gave them time to man up before calling the cops. "We have their names and they have 24 hours to come clean, or you’ll be calling Daddy to get you out of their criminal mess."

The time frame came and went without anyone coming forward. So Snizek kept his promise and called the New York State Police.

Credit - Crystal Springs

Eventually, the three culprits did step up and admit to the vandalism. Not only did they pay for the damage, but they are also now doing community service, working at the course to make up for their behavior.

Most golf course Superintendents spend countless hours keeping their course in top condition. It's a shame to see people ruin it for everyone else. But it's nice to see those same people pay for their actions. Maybe next time, they'll think twice before thoughtlessly ruining something that isn't theirs.

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