I just discovered a place I never knew existed that is home to a mysterious phenomenon, “the Thompson Park Vortex” and it’s located in Thompson Park in Watertown, NY. Within this urban park is a one-of-a-kind zoo, Zoo New York. You may have heard Big Chuck and I talking on the radio about this around the water cooler this morning.

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Between the zoo and the vortex, you could certainly make a day trip out of this and it would be quite the adventure! Be prepared though, if you visit the vortex in Thompson Park because you may experience headaches, nausea, a feeling like you’re being watched, hallucinations, and even a feeling of intense illness. The vortex affects everyone differently.

Of course you’re wondering…what in the heck is a vortex? According to hauntedhistorytrail.com, The Thompson Park Vortex is described as “a time vortex that transports those who discover it to another portion of the park. Eyewitnesses to the phenomenon have reported over the years that the location seems to move within the park.” What's behind this mysterious vortex? Some investigators believe that the "time" warping effect and physical sensations experienced by visitors is a result of electromagnetic fields (EMF) present in the area.

Talk about a wild idea! Doesn’t it make you want to go there no matter whether it's something otherworldly or science at work? I am certainly intrigued, although I will say that the idea of potentially experiencing any of the above symptoms gives me a reason to really put a giant pause on going there.

But, for those of you braver than I, you can find out more about the Thompson Park Vortex at hauntedhistorytrail.com/explore/thompson-park-vortex and as I mentioned, there’s an awesome zoo in that same park that is the only one of its kind in the nation with New York State indigenous animals only. It’s called Zoo New York and I’ve never been there, but according to my well-traveled co-worker Big Chuck, it’s fantastic and he raves about it. Learn more about  Zoo New York at www.zoonewyork.org.

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