As an award-winning travel writer I have been up and down the highways and byways of Upstate New York endlessly over the last 20 years. My research, travels, interviews, and speaking engagements have taken me to a hundred different places from the Hudson Valley to the Adirondacks to the Catskills, the Mohawk Valley, Capital District, Central New York, Southern Tier, Finger Lakes and on to Western New York.

Because I travel extensively, I have found that there are certain places that I always look forward to visiting, if only for a meal or a visit, more than other places. I love the buzz of the big cities, such as Kingston, Utica, Buffalo, Binghamton, Rochester, and more. But I have a special affinity for the region's small towns and villages all over the map.

And it is these places where my traveler's heart is most happy. This is a list of my favorite smaller towns in Upstate New York. I pass through them frequently on my journey and always try and carve out a few minutes to re-visit old friends, restaurants, pubs, and historic sites.

Everybody has a favorite town or city in Upstate New York. So do I, but to be honest, I love them all. Even though some places like Lake Placid, Ithaca, Jamestown, and others didn't make the list, I still enjoy it when my travels take me to these places.

But these ten? Yes, to me they re special places for sure!

Small On The Map. Big On The Fun! The 10 Best Small Towns in Upstate New York

Chuck D'Imperio has written books that cover a whole range of Upstate New York topics including the famous foods of Upstate New York, the graves of many famous people buried in the region, a chronicle of many of the well-known (and off the grid) homes in the state, a book that tells the story of the smaller unknown museums of the region, and several more. Because of his extensive travels over the last ten years, he has listed his ten favorite small towns that he likes to stop and visit at, explore, and relax in, during his many miles on the backroads and byways of Upstate New York.

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