You might have noticed a lot of activity around the Schenectady Armory lately and wondered what the heck is going on? Why are their fences up and why are all these trucks here? Well, once again Upstate New York will serve as a backdrop for a major studio production.

Flims like "Seabiscuit," "The Other Guys" and "Scent of a Woman" were filmed in the Capital Region. As well as TV shows like "The Punisher" and HBO's "Succession." Now it looks like another film studio has sought out the Capital Region for the upcoming season two of "Modern Love."

"Modern Love" is an Amazon Prime series that's based on the New York Times article of the same name. It's a romantic comedy that revolves on all kinds of love with each episode focusing on one "type" of love. Plus, the cast is different each episode and includes some heavy hitter stars like Tina Fey, Dev Patel, Andy Garcia, and Anne Hathaway. Season One was shot mostly in New York City although the episode with Andy Garcia and Catherine Keener was filmed in Hastings on the Hudson.

My wife and I binge-watched "Modern Love" over a couple of days and we really enjoyed it. I'm a sucker for a romantic comedy and this was one of the better ones broken up into several episodes.

According to The Daily Gazette, The Schenectady Armory will serve as a sound stage for season two of "Modern Love" and parts of Schenectady might also be used as locations for the show.

The season two cast hasn't been announced yet, but if the first season is any indication you should expect some serious stars in the series. "Modern Love" is scheduled to start shooting in Schenectady in early September.

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