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I'll start out by saying I have no issue with purchasing the supplies on the school supply list because I know they're necessary for my student.

I may not understand what all goes into creating a school supply list, just like teachers and administrators have no idea what goes into programming a radio station, so I would like to send this appeal to who ever is responsible for creating the school supplies list for students. We know each year that school is going to begin by late August. Walmart, Target, the office stores and even the dollar stores begin setting up school supply displays in the middle of their stores by the middle of July in anticipation of school supply shopping. I believe schools should release their requested or required school supply list before the start of the school year so that parents can prepare to purchase the supplies that their students need on the first day of school.

In the past, I have been able to purchase school supplies for my elementary students' classroom through the school and they were there on their desks on day one. However, going into middle and high school, the requested school supply lists are not given to students and parents until the first, second or even the third day of school. When this happens ,we, as parents, have to make countless trips to the store to acquire the items needed for our students and hope that they are still in stock when we go to get them.

This year our school did not release even a minimum school supply list and were told that we would know by the second day of school what all our student needed. That is great, but by the time I went to get the requested supplies the stores were sold out of several things that were requested. For instance, my student is required to have three composition books for their classes. I went shopping for them this past weekend and couldn't find any because the store was sold out. I didn't try just one store, I tried all three Walmarts in town along with Target, Office Max and Office Depot. All sold out.

I can assure you that I was not the only person looking for the coveted and highly sought after composition book.

After speaking with different stores they are not sure when they'll get their supply restocked. So my issue is, if the school would have put out a generic minimum required list of school supplies, I would have bought them when there were thousands on sale at a discounted price at Walmart, Office Depot, Target and so on. But since they're sold out, my student is having to wait and I'll be paying a much higher price for them when they eventually get restocked because the back to school sales are now expired.

I'm sorry if this sounds petty, I'm not usually this way. I'm usually an easy going kind of person, but there's something about this situation this year that really bothered me. School administrators, please, next year release some kind of minimum requirement school list so that my student can be prepared for school and show up with the things you ask them to show up with.

I'll close with this, our teachers are doing an extraordinary job in the classroom. These extremely unsung heroes deserve so much more because they are dealing with some challenging times when it comes to teaching our children during a pandemic. So thank you to all of the veteran teachers and to all the new teachers and for accepting the challenges in teaching our youth.

But for now, instead of my student having the required composition book for class, you'll have to settle for an oversized spiral notebook that I picked up for 25 cents at Target!

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