An unsolved murder in Sand Lake, New York back in 1908 inspired the TV show "Twin Peaks"

Hazel Drew was the real-life Laura Palmer. The real story of her unsolved murder is just as intriguing as the tv show from the 1990s.

Mark Frost, create of the show "Twin Peaks" had spent his childhood summers in Sand Lake listening to his grandmother's stories about a ghost who haunted the woods. Hazel Drew eventually morphed into Laura Palmer, the seemingly innocent high schooler whose death starts the TV series.

The real crime involved Hazel Drew, a 20-year-old beautiful young woman that some evidence points to leading a double life, just like Laura Plamer in "Twin Peaks".

Haze's murder happened on the evening of July 7, 1908. She was walking along Taborton Road alone in the dark. She passed two locals, one of whom she knew, and exchanged pleasantries. It was the last time she was seen alive.

Just FYI, I drive on Taborton Road almost every day on my way to the station. My house is less than three miles from the spot she was seen last. So far I haven't seen the ghost of Hazel Drew, but I keep looking.

Her body was found floating in Teal's Pond four days later. She'd been brutally killed by a blow to the back of the head. Dead for at least five days, Hazel was dressed in custom-made clothing, indicating a special occasion. From the letters found by detectives in Hazel’s trunk, it was clear that she was living a double life.

No one has ever been arrested for the crime and the police records were destroyed in a fire.

Now there is a new documentary that is premiered online back in December. It's called Who Killed Hazel Drew. It's a feature film that follows a group of smart and motivated citizen detectives as they piece together the 100-year-old crime from newspapers, conversations with decedents, and retracing Hazel’s steps.

If you're interested in more information about the investigation of this cold case, check out the "Who Killed Hazel Drew" Facebook Page.

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