We all do it.

Sometimes, we hurry and have to swing by the first fast-food restaurant we find. Usually, the only worry involved is how long will the line be at the drive-thru and whether will they get my order right this time.

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There is good news when it comes to fast food.

Several fast-food outlets have been bragging about using fresh beef in their ingredients. They didn't always. According to to Eat This, Not That! Mcdonald's, Burger King, Whataburger, and Wendy's all use 100% real beef.  None of these burger joints use fillers, additives, or pink slime.

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Now, for the bad news.

A recent investigation by The Guardian found that there might be more important issues to consider. While many fast-food outlets have promised to reduce the use of antibiotics in their beef, some aren't doing a lot about it.

The government has banned the use of antibiotics for growth in livestock, since 2017.  There is no ban on antibiotics for the treatment or prevention of disease in animals. Unfortunately, the use of antibiotics for sick animals is as high now as prevention was in the past, according to some public health consultants.

While there is no evidence that antibiotic-free meat is safer and some antibiotic use is necessary to prevent disease and keep animals healthy, the danger is that antibiotic resistance is killing us. The Centers for Disease Control says antibiotic resistance is responsible for 35,000 deaths in the U.S.

Wendy's, Taco Bell, and McDonald's have all pledged to reduce antibiotics in their meat supply. Taco Bell is shooting for a 25% reduction by 2025, Wendy's has pledged to reduce the use of medically-important antibiotics by 2030. McDonald's is also pledging to reduce antibiotic use in their meat supply but had to revise their timeline.

The Bottomline is that. Should we be concerned about antibiotics used in the meat we're served in the drive-thru? Sure.  Should we be alarmed? Probably not. It seems that everyone is aware of the problem and most major fast-food outlets have pledged to do better.

Cash Cow Ahead

In most cases, the cholesterol and fat will get you long before the antibiotics.

I think I'll just go back to worrying about whether they'll get my order right.

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