In celebration of Bathroom Reading Month, everyone must find a copy of one of these books in order to relieve themselves of the time wasted in the bathroom.

Founded in 1988, the Bathroom Reader's Institute started producing "Uncle John's Bathroom Reader". Given how difficult it is to find where you left off in The Great Gatsby, and by the time you're done you haven't gotten very far into it, they decided to do something different. Incidentally, it was the Bathroom Reader's Institute that instituted this very bathroom reading month. Each of these volumes contain tons of short entries containing useless information that is fun to know. The entries cover many interesting, humorous and historical topics. Perfect for the short reading period on the John, Uncle John's Bathroom Reader is favored by many.

Just because it's from Yale doesn't mean it's boring. These books contain thousands of quotes that are famous or significant for one reason or another. From Abraham Lincoln to Groucho Marx, every person of fame is included. The Yale Book of Quotations is highly regarded as scholarly, up to date and accurate. The best part is, it doesn't take a degree in law to have fun reading it.

People run, jump, swim, and fire themselves out of cannons to get into this book. Quite honestly, this book is filled with the most talented people in the world. Just because some manager at Guinness got into an argument once, people all over the world are competing to make the biggest mosaic out of pants. Another book with many short entries, you'll be astounded again and again with every trip to bathroom.

Just about everyone has read The Tell Tale Heart in school, but few have traveled into the full collection of Poe's masterpieces. Though the recent movie "The Raven" inspired a little interest, not enough people have experienced the terror and confusion of the Pit and the Pendulum, or laughed at the circumstances in The Angel of the Odd. There are plenty more stories with very different plots, characters and moods that came out of his creative mind.

David Feldman takes every mystery on the Earth, large or small, well known or ignored, and tries to figure them out. Answering questions like "Why do clocks run clockwise?", "Why do ranchers put boots on their fence posts?" and "Where did the terms flotsam and jetsam come from?". Each entry is interesting to read and sometimes you'll even find an answer to something you've been pondering.