There is nothing like a small town Main Street.  Either the ones we have today or those that are tucked away in our youthful memories.  As "the sprawl" now effects every community it is always nice to pause for a second and give thanks to those small towns who have interesting, walkable Main Streets to spend a little times at.

This list looks at a dozen nice ones.  This will be the first list of several to come in the future so hold your horses Skaneateles, Saratoga Springs, Ithaca, Ellicottville, and others.  Your time will come!

A couple of things about the towns on this first list.  It is surprising that some of them are so small.  I mean less than 2,000 residents.  And also, it was very surprising to me how many of the communities that play host to the large State University of New York college campuses in Upstate New York have really been able to retain a small town feel to them, with thanks, in part, to their charming downtowns.

Agreed, most of these Main Streets can be "done" in an hour, or a couple of hours, or even an afternoon.  So I have listed some of my favorite stores, restaurants, book shops, and museums along the way, to help you enjoy your adventure.  And all of them are, you guessed it, on Main Street!

Some of these places are most pleasant in the spring and summer, others sparkle when the leaves start to turn, while still others welcome snowbirds to their Main Street in the heart of winter.  All are wonderful.

I hope you enjoy this little travelogue to 12 of Upstate New York's best little Main Streets.

Take a Walk Along These 12 Charming Upstate New York 'Main Streets'

Typically the heart of any community is its Main Street. Upstate New York is no different. While big box stores, strip malls, and franchise restaurants can now be found at the outskirts of most towns, here are a dozen really nice small town Main Streets that would make for a perfect afternoon stroll. Check them out!

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