Sheet music has been around for over a century. In fact the first sheet music was published in 1794 for a song called "The Kentucky Volunteer."  For many years, before the advent of record players, the success of a song was measured in the number of pieces of sheet music sold.  If a singer sold a million copies of sheet music they really had a hit on their hands.

This leads me to believe that most people had pianos in their homes.  Well, at least a million people did.  Of course some were buying sheet music for horns or strings, but I think most went home to be played on the piano.

In my day all record stores sold sheet music.There were even whole stores dedicated to nothing except sheet music.   Big racks, walls of pieces of sheet music. I wonder if sheet music is still sold in mass volumes?  They were great as pieces of art, and for many years I had a collection of 1940s sheet music with gorgeous covers done by established artists on the cover.  They were beautiful.

So, do you use to buy sheet music when you were younger?  Do you still do it today?

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