Amazon is really stretching out!

This year you can buy a real, live Christmas tree on Amazon and have it delivered to you your front door.  Talk about convenience.  or, talk about laziness.

This is not a fake tree.  This is a real living tree, like a Norfolk Northern Pine or even a Douglas Fir.  The average price for a tree, fresh cut, packaged and delivered in 3 days to your door is about $100 for a 7 foot tree. 

As for me, I no longer go out in to the country and cut down my own tree.  But I do prefer to buy my live Christmas tree from a local business or even an organization, such as a  community group or club.

Amazon will also be selling fresh cut wreaths and holiday plants.  Cut fresh and again delivered right to your door.  I can actually see doing this.  A nice fresh wreath showing up on my doorstep (or even having one sent to a loved one) seems perfectly reasonable.  Wreaths will go for about $50 and plants for about $25.

Amazon will start this holiday service in November.

So, for me? A wreath sent to my kids?  Yes.  A live Christmas tree? 


How about you?

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