I love this old photo.

It is always exciting when fire trucks go racing by (except for those poor people who had to call them in the first place, of course).

Today, in Oneonta, if the fire trucks have to come racing out of the fire station they could go any number of directions:  over to Southside, down Market Street to bypass the business district, or toward the area known as the 6th Ward, or even up and onto I-88.

But a century or more ago, the only place they could bolt out to was right in the heart of Main Street Oneonta.  It was the only route to anywhere in the city.  The two-bay station was located in the Municipal Building which still stands near the center of town.  Trucks, early engine trucks or those pulled by horses, must have been quite a sight tearing out of those two narrow bays and wheeling onto Main Street.

You talk about a traffic stopper.

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