Jump 'n Bump is a simple game in which players control bunnies which attempt to make each other explode by jumping on them.

Made in 1998 by Brainchild Design, Jump 'n Bump has always been free. There are four rabbits that can be controlled by different players or the computer. After entering the arena, the goal is to jump on your opponents more than they are able to jump on you. The scores are displayed on the right and a more in-depth breakdown is displayed after you finish.

The game controls respond very well and controlling your bunny is simple yet difficult. The whole game depends on out-maneuvering your opponent and using the map to your advantage. The fun part is playing against other people, whether you're playing extremely competitively or just to laugh.

Four players can play using various controls -- the arrow keys, the WASD keys, mouse and joystick. Bunnies can be controlled by the computer by pressing keys 1, 2, 3 or 4. More maps can be downloaded and played in.

This simple game provides for endless multiplayer gaming with friends and family on any computer.