Last year’s DC FanDome gave us our first glimpses of DC Comics movies like The Batman, The Flash, Black Adam, and The Suicide Squad. Only that last movie has been released to date, which means that with this year’s FanDome — which airs online later this month — we should expect new trailers and teases of the other three, plus everything else Warner Bros. has coming up from the world of DC.

That should also include teases of two DC sequels: Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom starring Jason Momoa, and Shazam! Fury of the Gods starring Zachary Levi. The trailer for this year’s DC FanDome features teases of all those movies, plus a bunch of TV shows like Titans, along with a few glimpses of some of the actual comic books that all of these massive franchises spring from. (Remember comics? They’re still good!) Watch it below:

Last year’s FanDome main event was the first trailer for The Batman, and I expect there will be a new trailer this year, and it will surely get a lot of attention. But at this point I think people might be even more excited to see footage from The Flash, and particularly to get a glimpse of Michael Keaton back in his Batman costume. (Apparently, the old one still fits.) If The Flash trailer features a shot of Keaton as Batman, expect the internet to crack in half.

You can watch all of DC FanDome for free online on October 16 at

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