Disneyland was no so magical when a mom allegedly tried to board the park's Alice in Wonderland ride from the exit, seemingly skipping the line in the process.

In a viral TikTok video, the woman can be seen attempting to board the Fantasyland ride with her child in her arms. She sits down on the ride vehicle before promptly yelling "No!" and seemingly getting kicked off the ride.

"It's ridiculous!" she shouts, stomping away.

The alleged "Karen" then reappears at the ride's gate without her child, requesting to speak to a Cast Member. "I would like you to call someone, thank you very much," she yells.

It's unclear what the employees running the ride say in response to her, but at one point she calls out, "Are you in charge?" before repeating her request to speak to someone as onlookers watch on.

When she notices the person filming her, she screams, "Are you video taping me? F--- you!" Watch the video, below:

In the video's comments section, many wondered why people act this way in public.

"Just holding her kid like that??? i’d pay so much money to know what these type of people are thinking," one viewer wrote.

"Video taping? Oh man, 1990 just called!" another joked.

"Not her asking for the manager of Disneyland lmao," someone else wrote.

"Why do adults act like this? Like she’s ruining her child’s experience," another shared, while another TikTok user called her outburst "Six Flags behavior."

Someone else pointed out that families often "spend THOUSANDS to go there only to act like that and get banned."

Others noted that the Alice in Wonderland ride usually has a short wait time of 20 minutes. The ride is a family-friendly journey through Wonderland. It features the White Rabbit’s house and Queen of Heart's garden, as well as characters such as the Mad Hatter and Cheshire Cat.

It's unclear what the outcome of the situation was or if the woman was banned from Disneyland, which seems to be a common consequence for aggressive behavior from guests.

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