On September 19, 2019 the Delaware County Sheriff Office School Resource Officer assigned to the Sidney Central School received a complaint from the School District's Transportation Director regarding an incident involving a motorist passing a stopped school bus that morning.

On September 24, the Sheriff's Office School Resource Officer received a second complaint from the Transportation Director concerning another motorist passing a stopped school bus that day.

Sidney School buses are equipped with state of the art video cameras capable of capturing images of passing vehicles and their license plate numbers during these incident. Images captured by the systems are also time stamped and annotate when the bus is stopped and when their red flashing lights and the stop arms are activated.

Review of the video surveillance images from the two involved buses was conducted by the Transportation Director and the School Resource Officer and was instrumental in identifying the drivers of the two involved vehicles. Both drivers were subsequently ticketed by the Sheriff's School Resource Officer for passing a stopped school bus.

Sheriff Craig S. DuMond and Sidney Central School District Administrators remind motorist that passing stopped school buses is not only illegal, but it creates a grave danger to our communities' precious youth.

The Delaware County Sheriff’s Office and Sidney Central School District are committed to working collaboratively, using the buses' on-board digital video technology, to identify and aggressively prosecute those that pass stopped school buses and endanger our youth.

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