It looks like the Elm Inn in Milford, NY will be coming back to life thanks to new owners Kat and Dan Wisnosky. According to a Facebook announcement yesterday from Kat Wisnosky to the Milford community, the couple plans on reopening the restaurant "sometime in the spring". The opening date depends on the completion of renovations along with required licenses and permits from New York State.

From the announcement, it sounds like the couple is going to reopen the Elm Inn in stages as they are able, starting out with a coffee shop, and then adding in breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

As far as the six guest rooms are concerned, the Wisnoskys think they will be ready by mid to late spring.

The new owners encourage community members to share opinions on menu offerings or other suggestions. Currently, they say they will be offering a varied menu including everything from burgers to pub fare and full dinners. Their goal is to utilize local producers and suppliers as much as they can to support the local economy.

If you're wondering when the historic Elm Inn which was built in 1883 had its last grand opening? According to AllOtsego, that was back in October of 2016 with the new owner, Dar Buck who had moved to the Milford area from the Midwest in 2015. The inn had actually been open since May of 2016. It only lasted a few years unfortunately and ended up for sale, listed on in 2019.

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We wish the new owners all the best and hope for the success of this historic inn which has graced Milford for so long.

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