Did you watch the American Ninja Warrior competition? Yes, there were competitors from Rochester and other locations across New York State, but we were on the edge of our seats rooting for Oneonta Native, Anthony Eardley.

You may remember Eardley as he participated several years ago and held a watch party in Oneonta surrounded by his supporters. How did he fare this year? Let's see.

Eardley continued with his dream of conquering one of the most difficult obstacle courses in the world and went in with a ton of energy but couldn't make it through the difficult Pretzel Twist portion of the course, which also took out 19 other contestants.

Still, he did make it into the semi-finals with his incredible time. Stay tuned as it has yet to be announced when he will be on next, but he promises we WILL be the first to know after he find out for himself, of course.

Eardley tells us:

“Some of the best moments in our lives; happen within a blink of an eye. Make sure you are present, find a way to engage yourself, and make every moment of your life meaningful...Your dreams are YOUR dreams and don’t let anybody sway you from them. Listen to those who tell you to keep chasing them. Don’t wait too long to get off the couch to try, because you’ll be amazed as to how those dreams feel when you are experiencing them for yourself. So I pray to the individual out there to keep seeking the things that drive you...Giving up is the easy part, but making sure you see it all the way to the finish is what leaves the true impact. So go out and give it your all; and give it your 110% because your best forces must best as I know my best forced yours. Ninja. Eardley. Out. “

The 2021 Seattle Qualifier Course:

  • Shrinking Steps
  • Double Down
  • Split Decision
  • Log Runner
  • Block Run
  • Air Surfer
  • Pretzel Twist
  • Warped Wall/Mega Wall


  • Falls on Shrinking Steps: 4
  • Falls on Double Down: 25
  • Falls on Block Run: 0
  • Falls on Log Runner: 5
  • Falls on Air Surfer: 11
  • Falls on Pretzel Twist: 19
  • Fails at Warped Wall: 0
  • Mega Wall attempts: 7
  • Mega Wall completions: 0

Eardley last participated in American Ninja Warrior in August of 2019 and attempted the Angry Birds course where no one on that episode finished the maze. It was crazy and  described as:

8 boards shaped like birds placed on a metal pipe, similar to the Wave Runner and Hourglass Drop obstacles. You have to lache from a side-side ledge, to a side-side ledge angled 45 degrees making it tougher to move to the next side-side board. Then, you have to grab a front catch followed blind catch, and make it through the other ones. However, that blind catch shockingly, took out everyone who attempted it including the Ninja Legend Joe Moravsky and Najee Richardson due to the extreme difficulty of that blind catch. (Angry Birds ANW)

Eardley again has made Central New York proud. He doesn't give up. He has a positive attitude and always finds the silver lining. Listen to his sauna thoughts from before the show on Monday, June 27, 2021. Who hasn't over thought something, right? Eardley is one class act.

Good luck buddy!

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