Summer fun means fairs to enjoy and here in Central New York, fair season is kicking off in Afton, NY with the 133rd Afton Fair on July 7. This fair runs through July 10 and is located at 46 East Main Street in Afton. This fair in Chenango County might have a shorter run compared to other area county fairs in the region but it has many of the same features like rides and games, a parade, food and other vendors, exhibits, livestock shows, tractor pulls, and a variety of entertainment including fireworks. You can find out everything you need to know about the 2022 After Fair at

Here we are in springtime and most people are already planning their summers with what they are going to do. Let's face it, in Upstate NY, because it's cold most of the year, we try to pack as much as we can, activity-wise, into our summers when the weather is best. It's a tall order but who doesn't like a challenge?

Following the Afton Fair, if you enjoy a great county fair, you're in luck because we are lucky here in Central New York to have several great county fairs to choose from that are not far away.

If you want to save money at the fair, especially those with children who love the rides, most fairs offer wristband specials on certain days or at certain times, also with certain free admission days. It's best to visit fair websites and Facebook pages to look for special pricing on certain things.

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