Hero's and leaders can come in all shapes and sizes... this one happens to live, work and serve in Madison County.

Credit - Stephanie Kemp
Credit - Stephanie Kemp

Meet Christopher Jones

Here's an individual who always goes above and beyond what's required. Deputy Jones is a proud member of the Madison County Sherriff's Office. He's been a member for years, always leading by example and putting others ahead of himself.

Credit - Chris Jones via Facebook
Credit - Madison County Sherriff's Office via Facebook

Not only can you find him all over the county on patrol, but he also always takes the opportunity to educate the next young leaders of New York State. Members of his office say Jones' is extremely hard working and dedicated to protecting the people of Madison County.

Mr. Jones goes above and beyond for the people of Madison County, plus some. He deserves a gold medal for everything this deputy does and goes through.

Thank you, Chris for all that you. We all understand your line of duty is difficult, especially through recent years. You serve as a prime example of what law enforcement should be, inspiring all those who follow.

Credit - Madison County Sherriff's Office via Facebook
Credit - Madison County Sherriff's Office via Facebook

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