Upstate New York has a whopping 12 different wine trails. These are ever-increasing in popularity as more and more visitors come to our region to experience our award-winning wines and our beautiful wineries and vineyards.

The trails are organized to give the visitor a comprehensive "trail guide" to all of the various wineries and wine members in each particular section of the Empire State (although not listed, there are also several wine trails on Long Island).  There is a link to each of the 16 wine trails on this list.

As you will see, these wineries include big sprawling places in the Finger Lakes to smaller, but oh-so-cute, mom-and-pop wineries in rural places in Schoharie County and Central New York. Included on this list are many award-winning wineries, some of them nailing even the prestigious international wine awards! Yes, our wine growing region is playing with the big boys now!

You will find these wine trails in virtually every segment of the Upstate New York region.  Some will have you travel along the St. Lawrence Seaway with the river (and Boldt Castle) as your "travelling companion." Others will take you through the Hudson Valley and the famous Catskill Mountains. These are wonderful, especially in the fall. And others will take you out through the famous Finger Lakes region, where there are more wineries than any other place in the state.

You will notice (when you click on the winery list) that several of them have "transportation" options available, so you and your friends can travel the various wine trails while acting responsibly in your travels.

September is wine trail season, so check off your favorites and hit the road to Upstate New York's famous and fantastic wine trails!

These 12 Awesome Wine Trails Criss-Cross The Whole of Upstate New York

Over the last decade or more, the wine industry in Upstate New York has exploded. Today there are over 100 wineries across our region. Some of them are big, corporate wineries and vineyards. Others are smaller "mom-and-pop" wineries in out-of-the-way rural places. All are excellent.

Upstate New York has a 12 full-fledged wine trails to offer visitors. These "trails" are organized to maximize a wine lover's experience in Upstate New York. The trails on this list cover the Hudson Valley, Catskills and Adirondacks, Central New York, Finger Lakes, and Western New York regions.

Each entry has a link to the trail itself. Enjoy!

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