Imagine you are a 7-year old kid with a birthday coming up.  That is a pretty big deal when you are that age.  But, all of a sudden you party plans with your friends have to be called off because of something you are too young to understand (pandemic) and your Mom and Dad tell you that it is just impossible for you to have a party right now.

What to do?

Well, in the tiny Otsego County village of Gilbertsville, NY (pop. 400), Chief Dave Robinson and his partners at the Gilbertsville Fire Department and EMS services will ride to your rescue.  Literally!

Here is a post from the chief's Facebook page:

"From the Gilbertsville Fire Department and Emergency Squad:   Because of the COVID-19 pandemic and people having  to be shut in, especially children, if your child has a birthday and can't have a birthday party, please contact me, the chief (Dave Robinson), so we can do a drive by with our fire trucks and give him or her a very special day.  You can contact me on our page."

Visit the page for contact information if you live in the village of Gilbertsville and need to brighten up your little one's birthday with a "Fireman's Parade."

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