My Favorite ever T-Shirt says Time to get in shape, tomorrow.  My favorite Cartoon Cat Garfield was laying on a pillow in between the saying.  So when I eat something unhealthy today, like the chocolate cake pictured above, I can hide behind the fact that it is National Eat What You Want Day.  But I think this day only applies to you if you eat healthy at least 75 percent of the time.  And for all of you that fit into this category, please enjoy this day.

I do work out four or five times a week and I do pretty intense cardio at least for my weight range.  I have always been saddled with a ridiculous metabolism that it doesn't matter how often I work out, I have to adhere to a strict diet to lose weight.  That has always been my Achilles heel.  I have done numerous diets throughout the years that have worked.  But I tend to completely fall off the food wagon and the weight comes back.

The chocolate cake pictured above is one of the many temptations I have an impossible time saying no to.  Ice Cream, cookies, donuts all overpower me at will.  So today when you see me eating a cheeseburger or a slice of buffalo chicken pizza followed by a chocolate chip cookie I am participating in Eat What You Want Day.  But then, what is my excuse tomorrow when you see me inhaling the same sort of food?

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