It comes only once a year so I jump at the chance to use my creativity and tell a story.  Which I can do since it is national tell a story day.  Before I get into it, my grandmother, Anna, was the best.  She would always tell me stories as a little kid.  Not that she walked ten miles in the snow to get to school but make believe stories that I was always captivated by. So here I go with a quick fictional tale.

A familiar site in Norwich on any half-decent weekend weather day is Ned and his knapsack.  Ned was known as a curious boy in his teenage years full of adventure.  The lanky left-hander always had that knapsack clung to his back as he would take walks thru Bruchhausen Park on Hale Street in Norwich.  What was in Ned's knapsack?  Many wondered but no one knew until one fateful day.

On on particular occasion in April, Ned was wrapped up in the beauty of the afternoon and lost track of time.  Ned didn't even realize that darkness had set in on the Chenango River Valley but once he did, he knew he had to hurry home.  Ned thought that it was quite strange that he did not see any other people out and about on a Saturday night.  As Ned looked down he noticed that all the sidewalks had this odd purplish tint to them but the color wasn't actually on the sidewalk he soon found out.  The anxious lad looked skyward and noticed the lavender that he was seeing at his feet was being projected from the sky.

At that very moment, Ned knew exactly what was happening.  He wasted no time reaching into his knapsack to retrieve a.....Ned and the knapsack to be continued next April 27th on national tell a story day.


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