If you're into things that go bump in the night, explore the Haunted History Trail in New York State, a ghost lover's dream come true, or the most terrifying trip of your life. There's over 85 creepy, spooky, and downright haunted spots to see.

18 new stops were added to the Haunted Trail last year, including Belhurt Castle in Geneva, Pulpit Rock in Lake Placid and The Sagamore Resort in Bolting Landing. Explore the trail by region or by experience. Choose from haunted inns, hunts, tours, or even dining.

Don't have time, or the nerve, to tour the entire haunted trail throughout the state? Take a tour of the trail in just central New York. There's 15 haunted spots to see, including Union Station, Rome Capitol Theater, Hyde Hall and the baseball Hall of Fame.

You can also take part in the world's largest ghost hunt September 26th at Alling Coverlet Museum in Palmyra with professional ghost hunters. Ghost hunting teams will simultaneously take part in a night of paranormal investigations in the most haunted places around the world. Historic paranormal investigators from around the world will be teaming up for this "Live" event.

Some of the haunted locations are open daily while others are available by appointment only. Contact a stop ahead of time to ensure the best experience.

You can get your Haunted History Trail brochure for 2020.

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