On National Best Friends Day, many will say their significant other is their best friend.  I have to say in my case, NOT EVEN CLOSE!  My significant other doesn't even land in the top 50 of best friends and I'm pretty sure I don't even have 50 acquaintances.  On National Best Friends Day, I celebrate two people: Peppermint Pete Nemcheck and Pumpernickel Paulie Paevis.

The first time I saw Peppermint Pete, I don't remember the year, the season, the day or the time.  But I do recall his bright red and white suit while he was whizzing peppermints at the head of the local juggler.  We bonded over our mutual admiration for gutters and how awful they taste.  When we had a three hour conversation about the downfall of society in the 1200's due to gargoyle gutters being replaced by wood, lead, and clay, I knew we were best friends for life.

As luck would have it I met Pumpernickel Paulie Paevis the very next day.  As he was gnawing on a piece of stale pumpernickel bread, I noticed he was playing with a Ten Thousand Villages Smoked Bamboo Hanger.  What are the chances?  People that can cut to the core of me, also know I have an obsession with the Ten Thousand Villages Smoked Bamboo Wall Hanger and was voted President of the Fan Club(Decatur Branch), two years in a row(1999-2000).  We formed an unbreakable bond over Bamboo.

My best friends will forever be Peppermint Pete Nemchek and Pumpernickel Paulie Paevis.

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