With a prediction of hot and humid weather this weekend it is always important to keep some things in mind.  Once temperatures start approaching and entering the 90 degree range you should:

Definitely keep hydrated!  Water is the best medicine when it gets this hot!  And that means not just you, but also any elderly family members or even some older folks who might be a neighbor or live up the street.  Look in on them and make sure they are OK.  And keep an eye on the little ones too.  And last but not least keep our furry friends safe during the heat wave.  Full water dishes and bowls are a MUST.

Our National Weather Service observer Dave Mattice shared this interesting weather factoid with our listeners.  The highest recorded temperature for this Friday is 94 degrees which was set in 1946.  And the highest recorded temperature for Saturday is 93 degrees set in 1876.  Yes...1876!  And for Sunday, the same 93 degrees set in 2011.

Will we hit any records this weekend?  Stay tuned (and stay cool).

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