So we've reached that time of the season. You know, the one where you're walking through the aisles at Walmart, Target, or the grocery store and you see aisles and aisles FULL of those fun-sized candy bars.

You stare them down and think, man, I'd love to be able to just go out and collect these rather than pay for them and give them away.

Ultimately, I find myself buying several bags for the kiddos, then a couple of bags for myself. I mean, it's the only way I'm gonna get some of this deliciousness outside of stealing candy out of my kids' bags when they're sleeping right?

Oh stop it, you do it too, don't lie.

Anyway, I got to thinking. Now that I have a new kid added to my brood, and this will be her first Halloween, I began to wonder just how old is TOO old to trick or treat?

I mean, if I'm getting dressed up to take her door to door, can't I just throw on a costume and get some candy too? What would be wrong with that?

Technically, there are no 'rules' to Halloween as far as an age cutoff, so I'd be in the clear right? I'm not breaking any hallowed rules. Then again, I recognize that someone my age going door to door asking for candy is a bit strange.

I think back to my childhood days and I ask myself, when did I lose interest in trick or treating? I'd say it was probably right around my freshman year of high school. However, it picked up again my junior year of high school when my friends and I decided we wanted to test out the "rich neighborhoods".

I think if we had to put an age cutoff on it, I'd say once you graduate from high school, you're too old. Why do I put high schoolers in the mix? Look at it this way. At least those kids aren't out at some party or doing something that could alter their lives forever. I'm fine with giving those kids some candy.

What are your thoughts? What's too old to trick or treat? Let me know below.

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