When National Pizza Day arrives every year, the first thing I think of is the famous line from the move Multiplicity, "I Like Pizza."  Underrated 1996 movie starring Michael Keaton where he has to Multiply himself to meet the demands of his hectic lifestyle.  One too many Doug's are created with the last one living his life solely for pizza and quite frequently says "I Like Pizza". I'm not at Doug number 4's level but it would be hard to imagine living in a world without pizza.

So many delicious pizza options in Chenango County so I'm not going to focus on specific Pie Places.  Instead, let's talk toppings on February 9th, National Pizza Day.  Due to my relationship status, I have been relegated to Cheese Pizza.  There is nothing wrong with a plain cheese pizza and if the pizza has a really good sauce then you can really focus in on that flavor.  If I am by myself, I am always going with toppings.

What are your favorites?  I like many toppings and certain pizza places have their topping strengths.  If done right, my two favorite pizza toppings have to be mushrooms and sausage.  Something about that combo brings out my inner Doug Number 4 and I start saying to anyone who will listen, I Like Pizza.

As far as a topping that I have to pick off, that goes to my old nemesis, onions.  Just something I never cared for unless it's in an onion ring or sauteed to perfection.  The other topping I have an issue with: Pineapple. Gross.  As long as you leave those toppings off I will say, I Like Pizza, on National Pizza Day.

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