Over the years millions of people have made the trip to Lake George for Summer vacations filled with swimming, mini-golf and amusement parks. Today we have Six Flags Great Escape but back in the day we had Storytown U.S.A. and Gaslight Village!

Next time you visit Lake George Village you will see Charles R. Wood Park. It's a nice piece of land with views of the lake and the mountains. This Summer the park was used to host concerts and town events. Back in the 70's and 80's you may have visited for the vaudeville themed amusement park, Gaslight Village.

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Before Gaslight Village closed in 1989 to become Action Park, the 15 acre property was filled by old time buildings and rides like the Space Shuttle, Water Bug and the Antique Cars. In the Opera House families could watch the Americana Ice Show Extravaganza, Vaudeville shows and the Meller Dramas.

Gaslight Village - Lake George, New York

At one time Gaslight Village drew tens of thousands of guests each year to ride the rides, see the shows and make memories.

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