While Beyoncé celebrated her birthday on stage one of her fans nearly gave birth while enjoying the show at So-Fi Stadium outside of Los Angeles on Sept. 4.

She Chose The Perfect Song To Go Into Labor

According to KABC in Los Angeles, Sarah Francis Jones wasn't about to miss seeing Beyoncé perform despite being very pregnant the night of the show. Her baby was schedule to be delivered via C-section a week later.

The night had been a success for the expecting mom until Beyoncé started to play "Virgo's Groove" of her Renaissance album a little more than halfway into her setlist.

Jones told KABC that she initially thought she was having false contractions and decided to stay the rest of the show, By the time she and dad-to-be Marcel Spears made it to the car, it was clear their baby girl was ready to make her arrival.

"I may or may not have sped past some red lights on accident," Spears told the TV station.

Just a short time later, baby girl Nola was born at a local hospital. For those keeping track, Nola is a Virgo just like her mom.

"It had to be a perfect set of circumstances," Jones told a reporter. "We're at Beyoncé's birthday concert on Labor Day. And then I go into labor with my Virgo baby. I'm a Virgo, so it just made sense."

Sharing A Birthday With Beyoncé

The So-Fi stadium show was notable for other reasons besides Nola's arrival into this world. Beyoncé turned the night into a huge birthday bash.

The star-studded affair for the performer's 42nd birthday included special appearances on stage by Kendrick Lamar and Diana Ross.

Famous faces in the crowd for the show included Justin Bieber, Kylie Jenner, Timothee Chalamet, Zendaya, Tom Holland and several others.

Beyoncé and her Renaissance World Tour will next stop at Lumen Field in Seattle on Sept. 14.

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