The Ithaca Police Department has recently been inundated with complaints from drivers struggling with the challenges of navigating roundabouts.

To address the concerns of drivers struggling with driving through a roundabout, the Ithaca Police Department shared a handy photo on its Facebook page.

via Ithaca Police Department
via Ithaca Police Department

How to Navigate a Roundabout

Yield at Entry: Prioritizing Circulating Traffic
When approaching a roundabout, it is important to yield to the traffic already circulating within it. This means taking your time, waiting for a safe gap, and only entering when it is clear to do so. This is a departure from traditional traffic circles, where approaching vehicles often enjoyed the right of way.

Reduced Speed: Engineered for Safety
One of the main objectives of modern roundabouts is to facilitate lower speeds. This is achieved through their design, which includes smaller diameters and curved entrances that discourage high-speed merging and weaving. It is crucial for drivers to adjust their speeds accordingly and maintain a safe distance from other vehicles within the roundabout.

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Deflection: Guiding Traffic with Precision

The geometry of a roundabout plays a key role in ensuring safety and efficiency. Adequate deflection of entering vehicles is essential for maintaining smooth traffic flow. Roundabouts are designed in a way that deflects the paths of vehicles, helping to keep speeds within the roundabout at or below 30 mph (50 km/h).

If you’re still confused about how a roundabout works and are looking for more resources, you should visit the website of the New York Department of Transportation.

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