Riddle me this.  If you could only bring 15 items to an Upstate New York picnic, what would you bring to make it perfect?

Good question.

Here are my picks for 15 items that would be necessary for a perfect Upstate picnic.  As you can see they include grilling meats, sides, drinks, desserts, and more.  Most of the items on this list are well-known, in fact even beloved product names.  (No hamburger meat, though, because almost every grocery store and butcher shop in the state turns out excellent burger meat).

You will have a big fight on your hands if you try and pick the perfect hot dog or even the perfect chicken wings.  Not everybody is going to agree to the choices I made for these picnic item staples.  And, as for beverage?  I picked a beer, a wine, and a sentimental favorite beverage from Western New York.  Do you agree with these choices?

I also included a couple of desserts, and I think they are both slam dunks.  Both are Upstate New York legends.

So, here is my list of 15 items to bring along on an Upstate New York picnic.  As you will see, I did cheat just a wee bit.  I added a 16th item.  It does come with an asterisk attached to it, though.  It is one of the most beloved and iconic foods that ever came out of Upstate New York.  However, mysteriously, they stopped making this item during the pandemic and have never started it back up.  I included it as #16 in hopes that some time in the very near future we can all agree that this item definitely deserves a spotlight once again on an Upstate New York picnic table.

So, what would your shopping list be for this picnic?  We want to hear from you over on our Facebook page!

These 15 Items Make Up the Perfect Upstate New York Picnic

12 Ingredients For the Perfect Upstate New York Picnic! From drinks to sides to grilling meats and desserts, these 15 items would make any true Upstater smile at a picnic!

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