Add this to the list of things I had no idea about... have you ever seen a rattlesnake taking a drink?

This month has been full of self-education. So far I've learned about the must-know gas station hack, the Hudson Valley pizza dough trick, and the reason why we can't have this beautiful tree. Now I can also say I know how rattlesnakes stay hydrated.

A rattlesnake drinking
A rattlesnake drinking (Jacki Smith via YouTube)

Venomous Snakes in New York State

There are two types of venomous snakes in New York state, the copperhead and the timber rattlesnake (learn how to identify them both HERE). While the idea of a venomous snake is scary for many Hudson Valley residents, the truth is that these animals are generally non-aggressive and often hard to find. That's probably why we've never seen them drink before.

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The Unique Way that Snakes Drink Water

A wildlife center in Virginia recently took to Facebook to explain the unique way that snakes intake water:

The inside of [snakes'] mouths have intricate folds that act a little like a sponge. When they open their mouths in water, moisture runs into these rivulets in their mouth, and is then suctioned down the throat from the "bellows" action of their jaws moving outward and back in

Not only is the way in which they drink interesting, but it's borderline hypnotic to watch. Check out how oddly satisfying it is to watch a rattlesnake drink from a water dish in the video below.

Rattlesnakes aren't the only slithering friend to use this technique. Rat snakes, the longest snake found in New York state, take a similar approach (below)

Snakes are an important part of New York's ecosystem, and should be only observed from a distance. For local nature-lovers looking to catch this awesome sight in person should probably start at one of the beautiful Hudson Valley, NY hikes below.

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