There is a long and proud tradition of the Jackass dudes shooting way more footage than they need for each of their movies, then winnowing it down to just the best of the best stunts for release in theaters. Then with the leftover footage they typically create at least one more bonus movie — each dubbed Jackass 1.5Jackass 2.5, and so on — that lives on home video.

True to form, the sublimely entertaining Jackass Forever has now begat a second film, called Jackass 4.5. Rather than theaters, this movie is going straight to Netflix next month. In announcing the film, Netflix noted that Jackass 4.5 contains “the whole crew” from Jackass Forever. That’s good; I need a lot more Poopies in my life.

To celebrate the announcement, Netflix shared one of the new stunts from the film, “Swingset Gauntlet,” where some members of the cast are on a swing set and others are passing in front of them on a conveyor belt. If they pass by someone as they swing forward, well, that’s how the comedy magic happens.

That is truly glorious. Painful, yet glorious.

Jackass 4.5 premieres on Netflix on May 20. If you can’t wait, Jackass Forever is already streaming on Paramount+. The Blu-ray was released today as well, so if you don’t have a subscription, you can now get a physical copy instead.

It’s very nice of the Jackass team to do something for people on National Stress Awareness Month. I’ve got a lot of stress in my life right now, and watching Jackass does help alleviate some of it. It’s kind of amazing how someone else’s self-harm actively contributes to my self-care.

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