Back in June, Katy Perry was publicly dragged into the legal battle between Kesha and Dr. Luke when reports surfaced that she'd given a deposition in the case. She'd been linked to the lawsuit as early as January, but it wasn't known why until previously redacted court documents revealed Kesha had sent a text message to Lady Gaga accusing Luke of raping Perry, leading to Perry being subpoenaed. (Luke's legal team denied the claims in a statement, per Vulture).

It's not yet known what Perry said in her testimony, and apparently, she's intent on keeping it that way. According to Page Six, Perry's lawyer filed an emergency motion on Monday (August 20) requesting that a Manhattan Supreme Court judge keep Perry’s deposition sealed in order to protect her reputation.

“The sealing of Ms. Hudson’s deposition testimony is particularly appropriate because disclosure — in light of her public profile — obviously could unfairly affect and even cause ‘significant harm’ to her ‘career and reputation,’” her lawyer wrote, according to court documents obtained by the publication.

He added that Perry was "vulnerable to ‘gossip column’ frenzy aimed at exaggerating salacious matters" and that her testimony should remain private because it is “not germane to the public” and is “tangential” to the case.

The request reportedly arose after Perry learned a judge may have been planning to release a transcript of her deposition on Tuesday (August 21). The New York Supreme Court confirmed to Vulture that the judge presiding over the case will be making remarks on these documents on August 27.

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