A cellphone video of a brown burly figure in a Michigan river has social media going bananas. Is it bigfoot or a guy in brown waders? Whatever or whoever it is, it's carrying something.

The video was posted about a week ago on YouTube. The figure walks across the Cass River in Michigan.

Kyle Shaw of Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization (RSMO) stated that he couldn't confirm nor deny the figure in the video is Bigfoot.

Users of social media have mixed opinions. Many believe it couldn't be anything but Bigfoot and others believe it's a man in waders.

Check out the video at normal speed and zoomed, cropped and slowed 50%, 25% and 15%.

Bigfoot sighting on Cass River in Michigan at normal speed and slow motion

Still Image #1

Teratanatic, Still Image

Still Image #2

Teratanatic, Still Image

 What do you think? Bigfoot? A hoax? A man in brown waders?

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