The Third Saturday in May happens to be National Learn To Swim Day.  I don't feel strongly about to many things, but I do when it comes to learning how to swim.  I had only two musts for my son growing up.  Like the Seattle Seahawks and learn how to swim.  Aiven embraced loving the Blue and Green from an early age.  However when it came to swimming, that was a much tougher sell.

Maybe I am dead wrong when it comes to this, but I don't think there is much to the basics of swimming.  When I say that, I mean being able to swim out of the deep end.  I think it's more about not being afraid of the water.  Which I think if you don't get in the water at an early age, that can easily happen.  If you aren't afraid of being in water, swimming is basically being able to move calmly.  Obviously, actual swimming is a different story.  If you are in the ocean, then you have to know techniques and all of that good stuff.  I am talking about being in a pool and being able to move out of the deep end or to the side so you can hold onto something.

That's why I was adamant that my son and now my daughter get in the pool early on and be comfortable.  Aiven hated putting his head under water.  In turn, he did not like going to swimming lessons.  That is the only thing I forced him to participate in.  I think this is a life skill that you should have for survival purposes because you never know.  This summer is a perfect time to learn.  And remember, if you stay calm it will be a lot easier than you think it is.

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