Get ready to build up your breakfast. There is a new waffle maker that turns the batter into lego bricks so you can create, eat, and enjoy. According to, a group called Waffle Wow launched a Kickstarter for the Building Block Waffle Maker on March 24th.

This waffle maker mimics the design of Legos, the fun building blocks that we all grew up playing with. This kitchen gadget makes eating and stacking waffles fun. The Building Block Waffle Maker has 10 short brick waffles, two long brick waffles, and two individual brick waffles on the iron.

Once you bake your batter into the bricks, the possibilities are endless. You can build houses, vehicles, and whatever your imagination desires. Check out some of these designs.

You can get your very own waffle maker for $50. If you pledge $75, you will also receive two construction plates to add to your waffle masterpieces. Expect shipments to go out in August.

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