Valentine's Day is almost upon, and every year, millions of people use this day as the opportunity to tell the love of their life exactly how they feel.

While most want to fall in-love, some are hoping for the opposite to happen, and if you're looking for a way to ease the heartbreak on V-Day 2023, Walmart has created a hilarious option for you to use.

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Meat the Breakup Bear, Walmart's Solution to Valentine's Day Heartbreak

A wild story in The New York Post introduced us to a new product being sold at Walmart locations in New York, across the country, and on its website ahead of Valentine's Day 2023. The official name of the product is the Way to Celebrate! Valentine's Day 9in Animated Sing and Dance Bear.

From here on out, however, we're going to call it the Breakup Bear. It made its debut on Walmart's Twitter account late last week:

This wasn't just a fluke post, though. Walmart was so committed to spreading Breakup Bear across the nation, that as of today, it is still the pinned product at the top of Walmart's account.

Take a look:

Twitter (@Walmart)
Twitter (@Walmart)

The concept of the Sing and Dance bear is simple, yet extremely bizarre. The toy is meant to be the perfect humorous Valentine's Day gift, perfect to make the love of your life laugh on a day dedicated to love and happines.

Right, because nothing makes my girlfriend laugh, quite like a joke about breaking up.

The phenomenon of Breakup Bear divided the Internet right down the middle. Some of Walmart's patrons saw the humor in the gift:

Others, however, were not quite as entertained:

Either way, if Breakup Bear fits your partner's sense of humor, or helps you complete your plan to spend 2023 as a bachelor or bachelorette, here are the nearest Walmart locations in the Capital Region:


  • 800 Loudon Road, Latham
  • 141 Washington Ave Extension, Albany
  • 760 Hoosick Street, Troy
  • 1546 Route 9, Clifton Park
  • 279 Troy Road, East Greenbush
  • 1320 Altamont Avenue, Schenectady
  • 311 Route 9W, Glenmont
  • 200 Dutch Meadows Lane, Glenville
  • 16 Old Gick Road, Saratoga Springs

You might want to consider buying a box of chocolates to go along with this one, or a box of tissues, depending on the occasion. Happy shopping!

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