A new trailer for the recently released Amy Winehouse documentary, Amy, highlights our obsessive celebrity culture, holding a mirror up to those actively participating and consuming entertainment news. It suggests that those of us who revel in celebrity gossip contributed to Amy's downfall, and we should feel share the blame.

It's not a crazy thing to suggest. Amy was often portrayed as a train wreck in the press, and maybe she was one in her personal life, too. But the ultimate tragedy in her already-sad story is that people so quickly forget about her music in lieu of highlighting her struggles. They forgot she had talent.

Even people close to her, like Mark Ronson, are guilty of this. He said, of the documentary (via Rolling Stone), "The really respectful thing about the movie is you are reminded why she was famous in the first place – she was a genius, that’s the stuff even I can forget."

Amy's immeasurable talent as a singer and songwriter is so often overshadowed by her battles with drug addiction, with alcohol, with eating disorders. And while other public figures have also suffered a similar sad fate, most of them have at least been afforded the privilege of keeping their legacies in tact. This documentary, hopefully, will to do the same for Amy.

Check out the clip for Amy in the video above, and check out the full list of theaters where it's playing on the movie's official website.

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