So what is it about a grilled cheese sandwich anyways? It is simple, in fact so simple that even kids (and some dads!) can make them. Bread and cheese. A little butter and you have "sandwich royalty."

May is officially Grilled Cheese Sandwich Month. So there, how many other sandwiches have their very own month to celebrate? In honor of this beloved sandwich we went on a hunt all over Upstate New York for the very best grilled cheese sandwiches one could find. Of course it was an impossible task.

We have had wonderful grilled cheese sandwiches in diners, and we have had memorable ones in five-star resorts. Both types of restaurants are on this list. We have relished the American classic cheese-bread-butter grilled cheese, and we have enjoyed grilled cheese sandwiches dressed with unusual sauces and other ingredients, and served on a variety of breads (rosemary focaccia bread seems to be a "thing" right now.). We loved them all.

So, understanding that a grilled cheese sandwich is served in perhaps several hundreds of restaurants across New York State, we humbly suggest these 13 are at least representative of the beloved sandwich and we encourage you to stop in to these places and have a bite or two.

And yes, most of them come with a bowl of tomato soup. I think that is some kind of law!

"All Hail the Mighty Grilled Cheese Sandwich!" Here are 13 of the Best in Upstate New York

May is National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Month. Now, you might say, "what is so special about a grilled cheese sandwich?" Well a recent poll found out that it has been voted America's favorite sandwich on numerous occasions. So we went on a hunt for some of the best in Upstate New York. All of these 13 places make an epic grilled cheese sandwich, so try one! And don't forget the bowl of tomato soup to go with it!

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