It's no secret, we love to eat in Central and Upstate New York. However, New York isn't eating as many of these summer classics as you think.

We love our hamburgers here in New York......or do we? American's eat around 20 billion burgers a year. However, New York State isn't really adding to that number a ton believe it or not.

According to Pantry and Larder, New York is one of the places you’re least likely to be having a burger. How did they come up with this assumption? Science. They used a combination of burger restaurant data, burger search demand data, and burger consumption statistics. Through this, they were able to map out America’s biggest burger-loving states. New York came in at number 50, almost dead last.

The average New Yorker eats 41 burgers a year. New York has 3.3 burger joints per 100k residents."

That number seems pretty low, but I suppose science......We don't love burgers as much as other places in the country.

Oregonians love burgers the most. They eat 78 burgers per year compared to the average of 60. Arizona has the most burger restaurants per person. That number is 10.4 for every 100,000 residents. The study also found that 40% of Americans like their burgers well done, and women are much more likely than men to opt for a well-done burger.

Do you think there is truth to this study? Do we not enjoy a good burger here in New York State? Share your thoughts with us when you text us on our mobile app.

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