There may not be a busier director in Hollywood these days than Ridley Scott. He has two different films coming out in the span of one month this fall: House of Gucci, about an infamous crime in the fashion world, and The Last Duel, about two knights in 14th century France. Now 83 years old — he turns 84 next month — Scott shows absolutely no signs of slowing down.

In fact, as soon as House of Gucci and The Last Duel are out, Scott has two more projects in the works that he hopes to direct next. The first is a movie about another famous historical figure, Napoleon Bonaparte. According to Scott, the film, titled Kitbag, explores “the thing that really makes Napoleon tick.” (Spoiler alert: It was a woman.) After that, he expects to make a long-awaited project: A sequel to his Oscar-winning 2000 film Gladiator.

Scott told Empire, “I’m already having [the next] Gladiator written now. So when I’ve done Napoleon, Gladiator will be ready to go.”

Various filmmakers including Scott have spent the last two decades trying to make a Gladiator sequel. The main issue, it seems, is that the first Gladiator ended with the title character’s death, which makes continuing the story somewhat tricky. Some of the proposed concepts for Gladiator 2 involved literally resurrecting Russell Crowe’s Maximus and turning the series into more of a fantasy epic. Others focused on Lucius, the young son of Connie Nielsen’s Lucilla, who idolized Crowe’s gladiator character in the original movie.

It’s not entirely clear where the story of this particular Gladiator sequel will go, although Crowe is supposedly set to be involved in some way as well. (There were reports recently that he discussed the film with Chris Hemsworth during their time working together on Thor: Love and Thunder.) First, though, Scott has to release these other movies. The Last Duel is scheduled to open in theaters on October 15. House of Gucci opens on November 24.

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