Are you an adrenaline junkie? Do you like to drive fast, jump out of airplanes and scuba dive in the deep sea? If you answer yes to any of these you could be a thrill seeker or a 'Sensation Seeker' as they are called today.

If you are going to participate in any of these activities you had better know what you are doing. You wouldn't want to find yourself stuck on the side of a cliff, after dark, in need of rescue, would you?

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On Friday evening around 9pm calls started coming in to Onondaga 911 Dispatch with reports of a rock climber stuck and in need of assistance. The pleas for help directed officials to Jamesville Quarry.

The Syracuse Fire Department joined Onondaga County Fire Units with Rescue Company 1, Car 3 and 601 and headed to the quarry, which is near Fayetteville. Was the climber injured? Had they fallen to the bottom of Jamesville Quarry?


According to, the initials calls to 911 dispatch were for a missing person. By 9:30pm officials learned that the rock climber was stuck at some point on the quarry wall too far from the top to climb up and too far from the bottom to jump down.

It is unclear as to how the climber got stuck in this situation but responders were able to save the individual by using a technical rope rescue. It is also unclear as to whether it is legal or illegal to rock climb at this quarry.

Syracuse Fire Department
Syracuse Fire Department

Strong work! The residents of this County are so lucky to have the services of some of the best out there. Well done! - Bill M. - Facebook

Here are some locations, from the NYS DEC, to rock climb in New York State and some tips to do it safely.

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