Reindeer, polar bears, and penguins...oh my!

There is nothing quite like the thrill of seeing a reindeer up close and personal during the holiday season.  It really does bring out the kid in all of us.

Here is a list sharing where you can visit real live reindeer, polar bears, penguins, and majestic elk around Upstate New York.  We see the images of these amazing creatures on hundreds of items and products on store shelves every day.  Seeing them live is a whole separate level of excitement.

The locations on this list include parks, farms, festivals, and even Santa's Workshop at the North Pole, where live reindeer play a starring role in your experience whether it is July of December.

So grab the kids and the camera and head out to a holiday selfie with a live reindeer or even a polar bear this year.

See Live Reindeer and Polar Bears at These 10 Upstate New York Destinations

At Christmastime we see the images of reindeer and polar bears on every imaginable item, from greeting cards to plush toys to prints on our own pajamas. But where can we go to see these animals up close and in person?

Here is a list of ten places where you and your family can enjoy the experience of seeing a live reindeer, polar bear, majestic elk, or funny little penguin in Upstate New York.

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