The Sidney, N.Y. based Tri-Town News newspaper will cease publication after their Dec. 21 edition.  They have been printing a weekly newspaper for 136 years.

The TTN has been in operation since 1882 and is one of the oldest newspapers in Central New York.  It began printing as The Sidney Record in 1882, and then became the Sidney Enterprise in 1895.  The Bainbridge News and teh Bainbridge Republican were established in 1867.  They all combined as the Sidney Record and Bainbridge News in February of 1959.  They continued with the Unadilla Times (established in 1854) on October 4, 1967.  They added the Afton Enterprise and the Harpursville Budget in February of 1969.  The newspaper changed its name to the Tri-Town News on February 1, 1968.

Here is the closing statement on the newspaper's Facebook page.

The Tri-Town News and its companion publications will no longer be published after next week. The newspapers will close permanently after printing of the Dec. 21 editions. The website will remain accessible as a reference, but the content of the website will no longer be updated going forward.

In addition to the Tri-Town News, the closure includes the Chenango American, the Oxford Review-Times and the Whitney Point Reporter.

Following three decades of faithful publication by the late Kenneth Paden, the newspapers have been owned and operated since June 2015 by River Valley News Group/SMG08, based in Sayre, Pennsylvania. President Kelly Luvison said the growing pressures on all small-market newspapers and the current economic climate in New York State contributed to the decision to stop publishing the company’s Sidney-based weeklies.

“A small group of very good and dedicated people, past and present, have produced newspapers here for many years that have been an important part of these communities,” Luvison said. “But doing so over the past several years has been an increasingly difficult struggle in small, rural markets where the financial realities are sometimes unavoidable.”

All ongoing business transactions, inquiries and requests should be directed to: The Morning Times, c/o Amanda Teeter, 201 N. Lehigh Ave., Sayre, PA, 18840. Or email: Or phone: 570-888-9643.

The company truly appreciates the patronage of all those who have read, advertised, contributed and otherwise supported the newspapers over the years.

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