Under New York State Governor Cuomo's leadership, in 2019 bail reform laws were adopted here in the state which have been met with controversy among state residents and especially law enforcement agencies ever since. The biggest complaints I have heard from Delaware County Sheriff Craig DuMond and Otsego County Sheriff Richard J. Devlin, Jr. is that dangerous people are released under these laws and often keep repeating crimes, a great example being the order of protection offenses where individuals continue to violate orders of protection and leaving those who are supposed to be protected unsafe.

Sienna College just released the results of a new poll on Monday that details how New York State residents feel about bail reform since its implementation. The poll reveals that when bail reform was rolled out in 2019, most New Yorkers thought it would be good and now, many have changed their minds:

- 56% of NY residents say that bail reform is not good for the state
- 64% Think bail reform has led to an increase in crime
- 82% would like to see judges have more discretion when setting bail based on the seriousness of the crime committed

If you're wondering how New Yorkers feel about Kathy Hochul in the next race for Governor...Hochul has a substantial lead over New York City Public Advocate Jumaane Williams and Rep. Tom Suozzi with 52% in the poll supporting her bid. If former Governor Andrew Cuomo decides to put a bid in for a run again, that would give her 38% support in the primaries as compared to Cuomo's 30% support among Democrats with only 10% for Suozzi and 7% for Williams.

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Get full results from the latest Sienna College poll released on March 28 here.

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