When the new slogan "Life Enjoyed" was introduced to Oneonta in 2010, many people were disappointed and confused. "The City of the Hills" describes Oneonta well and is familiar to its residents. "Life Enjoyed" was supposed to be better for tourism -- hey, there's plenty of other cities with hills, why would anyone want to visit this one?

But is "Life Enjoyed" any better? I came up with four slogans that would do better for Oneonta (and they didn't pay me $20,000 for any of them).

1. "Rural Setting, City Luxury"

Oneonta isn't like other cities our size -- We're an urban hub for the rural wheel all around us. Tourists can visit farms and cider mills as well as the Farmer's Museum (or just park their cars and moo at cows). After an exhausting day of seeing where their food comes from, tourists can enjoy the benefits of a city like ours; restaurants, hotels, bed and breakfasts, and plenty of entertainment.

2. "Enjoying Life"

See, our slogan would be better in the present tense!

3. "Be Unique in New York"

Despite being a tongue-twister, this slogan actually describes us. Try walking from one end of Oneonta to the other without seeing someone deviating from the norm. Just look into the businesses on Main St., and you'll see a variety of cultures, as well as creepy cardboard-cutouts staring at you from second story windows. Oneonta also creates plenty of skilled, interesting people who make the music, plays and art you see and hear all over.

4. "We're close to Cooperstown!"

Location, location, location. Honestly, this is the main reason people would come to Oneonta. Without beating around the bush, we would attract anyone searching "Cooperstown" and "close to highway" at the same time.

5. "Hartwick and SUNY Oneonta. 'Nuff Said."

Despite the negative effects they have on the rest of us, tons of college students come into Oneonta every year. Oneonta is the perfect place for them! Our website could describe the fine pizzerias and bars our city has to offer, as well as the parks they can attempt to throw a frisbee in. Oneonta is the perfect place to waste evenings while you're supposed to be studying, so why not advertise it that way?