"Drop It Like It's Hot" rapper Snoop Dogg is known for being controversial. Whether it's feuding publicly with Iggy Azalea on Instagram or getting banned from Norway (for two years!) for carrying marijuana while entering the country, Snoop is no stranger to starting some trouble. Saturday night's run-in with the Swedish police was no different—except for the fact that this time, the artist hadn't actually done anything wrong!

The rapper, who was in Sweden for a concert on July 25, was briefly arrested by the Swedish police-force under suspicions that he had been using illegal substances inside his vehicle. The officers who had pulled over Snoop's car took the artist to the nearby police station, where he was ordered to take a urine test.

“Police carrying out roadside controls noticed that Snoop Dogg [whose car was pulled over] seemed to be under the influence of narcotics. He was arrested and taken to the police station to take a urine test,” a police spokesman told The Guardian. "The incident lasted several minutes. Once the test was carried out he left."

While Snoop was in the back of the police car on his way to the station, the artist filmed a series of rant videos on his mobile phone, which were then posted to his Instagram account. In the clips, he goes on a tirade about his treatment at the hands of the Swedish authorities.

"[They've] got me in the back of a police car in Sweden, pulled a n---- over for nothing," he rants in one video, adding, "taking us to the station where I've gotta pee in a cup, for nothing, I ain't did nothing, all I did was came in this country and did a concert."

Fortunately for Snoop, one of the investors behind Eaze, a medical marijuana delivery startup based out of California, the artist was found to be squeaky clean and was released shortly. “They took me down there, made me pee in a cup. They didn’t find s--t,” he said in a follow-up video. “It’s better to be searched and not found with nothing than not to be searched at all. F--k y’all.”

As to whether or not the rapper will be back to Sweden any time soon, the artist made it fairly clear in his first video that it's not exactly at the top of his to-do list, saying, "All the fans in Sweden, I'll never be back in this country. Y'all can thank y'all police chief and all the police that run y'all police department. It's been real, thank you but I'm gone."

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